About us



A 100% Clean Energy Future

The electricity and renewable energy industry is at an inflection point. Durable, reliable and cheap energy storage is the key to unlocking more renewable energy installation. But in the words of Bill Gates “It is incredibly hard to store energy”. 

Our vision is to unlock a 100% clean energy future – where our whole electricity grid is provided by renewable, emissions free energy. We’ll help achieve this by providing our range of smart energy storage solutions to support renewable energy projects and help them achieve financial close faster and at a higher value.

Our Company History​


Founded in 2018.


Accepted into EnergyLab’s Pre-Acceleration Program.

Accepted into EnergyLab’s Acceleration Program.


Receive NSW MVP grant.

Graduated from EnergyLab’s Acceleration Program.

Receive City of Sydney Innovation Grant for Feasibility Studies.


Meet The Team​

Our founding team has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector as both participant, developer, supplier and consultant. We regularly partner with appropriate technical experts and EPC companies to support developers achieve their project goals.


Howard Leong​​

Howard brings over 15 years experience in helping large organisations solve their most complex problems from strategy through to execution to Key Energy. He previously worked in PwC’s strategy consulting division, Strategy&, in the energy industry. He has helped large gen-tailers to form their strategy based on analysis of market trends and competitive strengths, with a particular focus on the energy storage market. Prior to that he attained and practised as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He has previous experience in data analytics, blockchain product management, business case development, entrepreneurship, recruitment, team leadership, commercial acumen and more.


Toby Patterson​

Toby brings over 10 years of global experience in energy across renewable energy, utility and oil and gas.
He is currently the General Manager – Project Development at Key Energy and also serves as Director of Business Development at Zero Mass Water.
He has previous experience and skills in developing utility scale solar farms and scaling energy businesses. His previous companies include ENEL Green Power, NEXTracker, Schlumberger, Origin Energy, Sundrop Farms. 

We Promise You

Professional Service

We promise to treat you as a client, not a customer. That means we invest in our relationship with you and your business and seek to help it succeed over the long term, not just treating you like a sales case. We will always deal with you honestly and fairly as we have a duty to serve you in your best interests as this will be aligned to our best interests.


We promise to provide a quality product and service. Where things are not up to our quality standards, we will endeavour to ensure that we fix and improve them. Our corporate culture is of continuous improvement and we transfer that to how we deal with our clients.

Tailored Solutions

We promise not to treat you and your business as just another customer. Each of our storage proposals is tailored for your business and project needs, not just as a cookie cutter that gets shipped a standard (but incorrect for your project) product. We tailor our AI and Machine Learning energy storage algorithm for each client’s circumstances and data – we don’t apply a standard load profile – unlike our competitors.