Commercial & Industrial

Did you know your electricity bill isn’t just about how much you use? It’s also about the maximum amount you used in any given interval. This is called the peak demand charge, or peak supply charge. Rooftop solar panels alone cannot consistently reduce this cost, and neither can most batteries with their default software. This is because most use a once per day time based schedule.

Every business is different, and that’s why you need a dynamic schedule for your business. That’s why we pair Amber Kinetic’s long duration M32 flywheel with our proprietary Smart ENergy Storage System for Alpha (SENSSA) – an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Energy Management System for C&I customers – to predict and prescript when to charge and discharge the mechanical battery to maximise your return.

Off-grid / Micro-grid

Do you dream of turning off those diesel generators at night?
Imagine the fuel savings from using renewable energy 24/7 in your off-grid project.

Current commercially ready energy storage technologies such as lithium batteries limit how often you can use them to once per day. If you use them more, often you are outside the warranty terms. This is because they will degrade rapidly from heavy use, think of your mobile phone battery and how long that lasts when you use it everyday.

We use Amber Kinetic’s M32 flywheel energy storage system together with our SENSSA Energy Management System to support your off-grid project. By expanding your solar energy project, you can absorb excess energy and use it overnight.

This reduces the use of diesel or other fuels, saving you time and money.


Almost all new solar projects incorporate some energy storage to firm their output and provide dispatchable renewable power generation.

The benefits are clear, from increasing economic certainty, reducing risk and penalty costs (FCAS or MLF based) to increasing potential revenue streams and smoothing generation which may help with grid connection applications. Energy storage acts as an option to your asset – allowing you to move your energy production to times that the market will reward you for it.

What isn’t clear is the cost of this option via energy storage when using lithium ion, whether from degradation of the Li-Ion battery or parasitic HVAC losses (linked to local weather).
Long duration flywheels provide greater cost certainty, greater reliability for longer and greater economic return.

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