Energy Efficiency and Monitoring, Automatic Process Control System

Energy efficiency and monitoring

Measure watt matters


Has your business’ electricity bill shocked you? If you don’t measure your energy usage at the right points or at the right quality level, you cannot know how to effectively reduce your bill and be more energy efficient. Any efficiency measure will be like shooting in the dark…

Measure, predict, then control your efficiency with LUKA


Our energy monitoring system facilitates energy system audits and energy efficiency measures by monitoring your electricity usage using industrial grade and National Electricity Metering (NEM) quality electricity meters. We combine this with our proprietary SENSSA AI and machine learning based software and industrial grade relay and control system into our LUKA product. We deliver the data to a web dashboard and use it in our engineering process to give you insight into where your energy is being wasted.

energy metering
energy metering



Our LUKA product is affordable, reliable and automated for simple energy efficiency through process automation and control, energy monitoring and process redesign.

High quality and reliability

Using industrial grade components, with a NEM grade electricity meter contained in an IP66 enclosure, we designed and built our system with quality and reliability in mind.

Improving load prediction

Leveraging our SENSSA AI and Machine Learning based load prediction, our system is able to learn the longer it is installed at your business and provide better quality insights with more data.

SENSSA web dashboard
SENSSA web dashboard

Web dashboard and reporting

LUKA is connected to the cloud and sends the data to our cloud server, which we present on our customisable web dashboard to you and your staff for continual energy analysis. Download the data simply via our interactive web dashboard

Automatic process control

Automatic control is enabled through our industrial grade Programmable Logic Controller which we provide and code based on your requirements.


A Human Machine Interface screen is included, with customisable options as part of our standard offer.


We support you with after sales engineering support to advise a range of energy efficiency actions ranging from solar, storage, demand response, VSD installation, process sequencing and staging.

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The LUKA is a high quality energy monitoring system that integrates with an AI and machine learning based program to understand and predict your electricity usage. Together with our engineering support, we are able to improve your business energy efficiency by automatically controlling a range of machinery at your business at the right times and in the right circumstances.

What’s Included in the LUKA Solution

  • National Electricity Metering quality meters measure your power usage at the right place with the right quality.
  • Industrial grade relays, contactors and Programmable Logic Controller with engineered program for automatic process control as required.
  • Web dashboard and monitoring via our cloud server, accessible on phone or any internet browser.
  • AI and machine learning program to predict your usage in advance and balance your electricity loads.



Cabinet size (W x H x D in mm)600 x 800 x 300
Digital Inputs (standard, expandable at extra cost)12
Digital Outputs (standard, expandable at extra cost)7
Analog Inputs (standard, expandable at extra cost)4
Analog Outputs (standard, expandable at extra cost)None
Temperature (℃ operating) -20C to 65C
Communication Protocols SupportedModbus RTU/TCP
Communication PortsSerial (RS-232, RS-485), Ethernet
HMI Size (inch)4.3
IP Rating66
Illustration and performance data are for reference only.
Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Real Time Operations Dashboard


Our industrial grade SENSSA Energy Management & Control System provides a real-time view of your power system, with more detailed information and customisable to your needs. This live real project data is of a printing and book manufacturing business in Australia


Don’t curse the darkness, turn on a light


Our system can save you more money by better understanding where your energy is going. By shining a proverbial light on where the energy is being used, you can assess together with our engineering assistance where it is being wasted, and in turn take data-driven corrective action, knowing you will be doing the wise action, not a knee-jerk one of convenience but which ultimately doesn’t payback.

For example, we may find your energy is being used for air compressors more than normal so can advise a leak analysis and repair program. Or maybe it is going into hot water at the wrong time and cooling before it is used, so a better process control of the hot water system may increase yield. Or perhaps your machine start-up process causes peak power costs to spike, hence a sequenced start-up process can reduce costs.

You can start with a standard basic package and we offer customisable options for your project to make it work for your business. Every project is different, and pricing depends on many factors such as where your project is, equipment type, size, scope of works, government rebates and grants, project complexity and engineering requirements

Standard product budget

Our standard product is available for $25,000 and includes engineering analysis and a year data plan. An ongoing subscription is payable for continuous updates of our AI and machine learning program as we are always updating this software.

Leasing and third party financing options

Key Energy offers a range of flexible financing options designed to make our system more accessible. Call us to find out more about what your system investment is!

Business Efficiency Grant and Sub-Metering Grant Eligible

As an energy monitoring and control system, with integrated process control and automation as well as process optimisation services, our system is eligible for Business Efficiency Grants and also certain state-based sub-metering grants. Contact us today for support on your next grant application. Success of your application is dependent on your business eligibility and grant availability. We do not guarantee a successful grant application.

Key Energy’s Energy Monitoring and Efficiency Upgrade Process

Initial enquiry, design meeting, and site inspection
1-2 weeks

Give us a call on or fill in an Enquiry Form to begin the journey of using less power. Tell us about your business, and ideally have some data available for us to design your project correctly. If your project is simple and you just want one of our LUKA solutions, we will explain the system in detail and answer any questions you may have. For complex projects we will assess the data to give you a high level solution design proposal and rough order of magnitude project costs.

If you agree to continue, one of our technicians or representatives will visit your proposed site to collect additional data if necessary, confirm access and other installation requirements, update the quote if necessary, and talk you through the draft solution design.

Final Design and Contract
1-2 weeks

With an agreement on all the project details you will be provided an accurate final technical plan with scope of works, solution outcomes, possible variations and a total cost of work, as well as areas that could risk fee over-runs, though we try to minimise these as much as possible. Once you understand and are happy with the project proposal, you will be able to sign the contract to begin the manufacturing process.

Installation and Commissioning
1 day

At a convenient and agreed time to you we will install the LUKA system at your business property. We will then proceed to test, commission and calibrate the meters as well as ensure the system is reporting your power usage correctly.

Analysis and reporting

We will create and share a login for you and your team to be able to see power usage in detail your team has likely never seen before. This will give you tremendous insight but the amount of data can be overwhelming for those not in the energy industry. Therefore, we provide our included reports for the specified period as per your quote. After a period of up-skilling and training your team to generate insight as required, we will offer our report of best next step energy efficiency improvement actions for you to undertake in the future

After that we hand over the system to you and your site management, and we can assist in project managing any future energy efficiency projects that you run.