Amber flywheel

Mechanical Batteries

The long duration flywheel stores energy via momentum in a spinning mass of steel.

A flywheel is essentially a mechanical battery.
It consists of a mass rotating around an axis.
It stores energy in the form of kinetic energy by accelerating a rotor to very high speeds and maintaining the energy in the system as momentum in a vacuum.
The inbuilt motor uses electrical power to charge the wheel by rotating it.
As the flywheel spins faster, it gathers force to store more energy.
The motor becomes a generator when energy is extracted from the system as advised by management system.

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More reliable and More durable​

Long Duration Flywheels cheaper by 14-36%


We pair this with our machine learning AI algorithm to predict usage and optimise battery use to lower emissions and improve solar ROI.

Most batteries come with basic battery management systems for safety and only a once daily charge and discharge at scheduled times (to coincide with solar production and afternoon peaks). While this will cover a majority of customers, it does not work well when the customer has non-standard load profiles (e.g. 24/7 or night production shifts and operations, volatile electricity demand levels or early morning peaks like building heating or HVAC etc.)  and will not help reduce peak demand charges (the charges based on the maximum amount you use for 15-30 minutes, depending on your electricity supplier). Or when the weather is forecast to rain for a number of days, under a basic BMS, the battery will likely be used very little (as there is not enough solar to charge them) or not used at all.
 This translates to you being charged thousands for using a lot of electricity for only 30 minutes on a rainy day – despite investing in an expensive solar and battery system!
To solve this problem – we developed the Smart ENergy Storage Solution for Alpha (SENSSA) – which uses a proprietary combination of 3 predictive analytics powered by AI and Machine Learning and our core trading algorithm to manage the charge and discharge logic for the energy storage system to generate Alpha – a risk-free return on your investment.
We pair our SENSSA with innovative energy storage technologies such as long duration flywheels and lithium-ion (iron phosphate – LiFePo) batteries to reduce your electricity bill further than without our system.

Solar prediction

We predict solar generation at the site using widely available data including weather forecasts, together with historical site generation data and AI and machine learning.

Load prediction

We predict using a wide and broad data set of relevant factors that affect your electricity generation at your business or project site. We combine these thousands of data points together with our AI and Machine Learning models to predict your electricity usage in the near future.

Prescriptive analytics

We run our proprietary trading algorithm using these two AI and Machine Learning prediction models of solar generation and demand load and prescribe charge / discharge commands to the energy storage devices.

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