Unlocking our 100% clean energy future
Australia’s first mechanical battery based energy storage solution

Key Energy

Empowering your emissions, energy costs and effort reduction


We organise, operate and optimise turn-key Mechanical Battery Storage Systems in Australia. By providing a turn-key energy storage solution that is more economic, durable, safer and reliable than conventional chemical batteries or diesel alone, we help empower you or your business to use more of your own solar and reduce your electricity bill.


Key Energy MPowerTank

Australia’s first and only turn-key, mechanical battery based energy storage solution


We combined our Australian engineered Smart Energy Storage Software for Australia (SENSSA), an energy management and control system, with long duration flywheels and batteries to make a mechanical based AC coupled storage system that is ready to empower your grid independence.

Invest in a Sustainable Energy Solution


A better value, more reliable solution than diesel generators or chemical batteries.


“It’s just the freedom of it now. The mindset of utilising power is just different. The focus for me is not the dollar alone but the stuff in the background that you can now do.”

Angelo in WA