Bringing Clean Energy
to the Grid, Businesses and Remote Communities.

We contribute to the environment and help fight climate change by enabling the use of renewable energy.
Designed for Renewable Energy.
  • - Minimum 4 hours of daily storage.
  • - 30 year twice daily cycle design.
  • - Near-nil degradation from use.
  • - Proprietary optimisation software.

Innovative Energy Storage System

We provide an innovative energy storage system using patented High Capacity Mechanical Flywheels. This provides high durability, power efficiency to firm the intermittent fluctuation of renewable energy.

What is a High Capacity Flywheel Energy Storage System (HCFESS)

It stores energy by converting electric energy into physical kinetic energy such as rotational motion and generates electricity by drawing on this rotating motion when electric power is needed.
The main feature is high durability, matching your renewable energy project life with a 30 year design life. Because it uses physical energy, there is minimal impact from use on the efficiency and capacity of the battery, meaning higher use and improving economics from increased use.

Ideal Use Cases?

Twice Daily Load Shift
& Arbitrage

Smoothing & Peak Shaving

Microgrid Management

Back-up & UPS

Diesel Replacement

Network Upgrade Deferral

Our Solution vs. Chemical Batteries

Mechanical Flywheel Chemical (Li-ion) Batteries
○30 year design life ×10 year design life
○Lower Total Project LCOE* ×Higher Total Project LCOE*
○~22k cycle design (twice daily cycling) ×~8-10k average cycle design
○90% project round trip efficiency ×< 90% total project life efficiency
○No Fire Risk ×Chemical Fire Risk
○Minimal impact from high DoD ×< 100% DoD as impacts useful life
○Better extreme weather reliability ×Affected by extreme weather
○Near zero maintenance ×Costly replacement required
○Modular and scalable ○Modular and scalable
○High energy / power ratio ○High power / energy ratio
×Days of storage ability ○Weeks of storage ability

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