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We develop, operate and optimise mechanical battery storage projects in Australia.

We add value to renewable energy generation projects by providing an energy storage solution that is more economic, more durable and more reliable. We provide end to end project oversight and management of the energy storage solution, and add value to your energy storage project by combining it with our proprietary trading algorithm, built using the latest state of the art artificial intelligence machine learning predictive analytics to generate an automated prescriptive trading system.

Your unique project requires a unique solution…

We support a variety of project types, from commercial and industrial, agribusiness and off-grid applications to utility scale projects.

Commercial & Industrial

For factory, manufacturing or industrial users that are on-grid and investigating solar PV to reduce their electricity bills

Off Grid & Agribusiness

For diesel replacement or reduction without grid power, including agribusinesses and micro-grids


For large scale renewable energy projects such as solar farms, wind farms or large scale energy storage project developers

Image of long duration flywheel how it works

Why long duration flywheels?

Invest in a more sustainable alternative to diesel and a cheaper, more durable and reliable solution than our chemical battery competitors


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The Armidale School

World's first hybrid long duration flywheel and lithium battery

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