Key Energy Innovation and Test Site

Support from the City of Sydney

Key Energy, together with support from the City of Sydney through their Environmental Innovation Feasibility and Demonstration Grant program, and in partnership with Amber Kinetics Inc. created an innovation and testing site in Alexandria, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA.

Working together with University of Technology Sydney

Working together with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Centre of Built Infrastructure Resilience (CBIR) to confirm our proprietary above ground enclosure design was safe for the implementation of an above ground flywheel, this was the world’s first above ground installation of Amber Kinetic’s long duration flywheel energy storage and represented a significant step in commercialising mechanical steel battery systems, by reducing costly and risky civil works. As an above ground temporary structure, the system can be decommissioned or moved if required, and does not require development applications and approvals for the installation of machinery in appropriately zoned sites.

The two flywheels allow Key Energy to test various iterations of our Smart ENergy Storage Solution for Alpha (SENSSA) control system and trading algorithms, continually improve and innovate with new hardware and software features prior to customer roll out, and demonstrate the technical feasibility of the mechanical battery to potential customers. It also allows Key Energy to support Amber Kinetics Inc. integrate with new equipment such as inverters, UPS batteries, generators, and on-site solar.

Supported by city of Sydney

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