Off-grid / Micro-grid

Do you dream of turning off those diesel generators at night?
Imagine the fuel savings from using renewable energy 24/7 in your off-grid project.

Current commercially ready energy storage technologies such as lithium batteries limit how often you can use them to once per day. If you use them more, often you are outside the warranty terms. This is because they will degrade rapidly from heavy use, think of your mobile phone battery and how long that lasts when you use it everyday.

We use Amber Kinetic’s M32 flywheel energy storage system together with our SENSSA Energy Management System to support your off-grid project. By expanding your solar energy project, you can absorb excess energy and use it overnight.

This reduces the use of diesel or other fuels, saving you time and money.

  • Fuel savings
  • Grid balancing
  • Increased renewable penetration

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