Off-Grid Eco-Accommodation Spins Up in Mudgee, NSW

Mudgee Meadows is the newest eco-accommodation under development in Mudgee. Featuring six self-contained architecturally designed rammed earth cabins next to the lovely Vinegrove Mudgee Vineyard and Wedding Venue, the system will run on renewable solar energy and an MPowerTank system, incorporating two mechanical batteries, which boast 7 times less embedded carbon emissions than lithium ion batteries.

Michael, the founder of Mudgee Meadows, has a vision of 100% renewable energy powering the cabins 100% of the time. To help him achieve this goal, Key Energy are proud to collaborate with him to provide a durable, 30+ year, reliable and ultimately more affordable energy storage system – the MPowerTank. Running on two mechanical batteries, the system has in-built redundancy with 16kW / 64kWh of power and energy storage capacity respectively. Although the goal will be to power the cabins 100% of the time from renewable energy and MPowerTanks, there is a fuel generator back-up as a measure of last resort.

The two-unit MPowerTank took 5 hours to mechanically install and prepare for vacuum pump down with two units, with an ambitious target set for less than 3 hours for the next project.

Phase 1 of the project will see a single unit “spun up” and operational to power 3 high efficiency cabins, with Phase 2 to finalise construction on the 2nd set of 3 cabins, and spin up the second unit to provide power.

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